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Christian O'Brien - Kids Karate Markham Over the many years and hours working my way up from a white belt to my black belt has given me a strong sense of accomplishment. What makes Superkids so unique is that all the classes are taught by Sensei Kwong Yong. As a result of constantly being taught from the same elite teacher day after day my skills and abilities went from dull to razor sharp. When I left Markham to study at University of Guelph I took up competitive boxing. In the amateur ranks I was able to win the world’s largest amateur boxing tournament held annually in Kansas City, MO, called the “Ringside World Championships”. I scored win after win, boxing it out and coming home with the title and belt in 2007. The key reason for my success was my many hours spent in the dojo with Sensei Kwong Yong before I left for university. Had he not taught me proper instruction, technique and mind set I would not have been able to become a champion. I can say with full confidence that Sensei Kwong Yong’s passion and knowledge for martial arts is world class.
Christian O'Brien

Christian O'Brien - Kids Karate Richmond Hill
Julie - Kids Karate Thornhill
Julie in 1989
I speak not only as a parent but as a student of Superkids Karate.  Twenty-one years ago, when I was 9 years old, I was fortunate enough to be taught by Sensei during his first year at Superkids Karate.  As one of his original students along with my brother and two sisters we surely tried and tested his patience.  Years later, I've return with my son James, at the age of 9 years old, to be taught by one of the best.  Sensei has a way of breaking down the technical aspect of the arts of Karate allowing his students regardless of the level to grasp concepts and skills.  As I watch James through the viewing glass, I can still remember the same teachings as when I was little, that he now passes onto my son.  Quite often Sensei is challenged with inattentive students, yet he demonstrates remarkable composure as he carries on with his teachings, never skipping a beat.  With only 45 minutes in a class, he always finds enough time to give individual attention to each of his students, whether it is praise and compliments or critique followed up with encouragement.  His conduct in the classroom as a mentor has been a great influence on my son's self esteem.  Over the years very little has changed, the location, the color of the walls and although his uniforms have faded, one thing remains consistent, Sensei’s extraordinary ability to teach.    
Julie & James Nolan

Tammi Jamison - Kids Karate Markham Sensei has given my son, Christopher the confidence and the challenges.  He is patient and understanding and we are so thankful we have been with Sensei for almost five years.  He's wonderful with all the kids he teaches. 
Tammi Jamison, Markham, Ontario

Loraine Kwan - Karate Richmond Hill I can't say enough good things about Sensei Kwong Yong. He has such a great rapport with the kids and the parents. He keeps the kids challenged, motivated, and disciplined with his patience and down-to-earth personality. All my kids (twin boys, daughter, and husband) go to SuperKids. Karate has improved their strength, coordination, memory, balance and confidence.
Loraine Kwan

Geoff Roberts - Karate Thornhill "I first signed on with SuperKids in 1993 when I was 14-years-old. Nearly 15 years later I found myself grossly overweight and in poor physical health. My doctor advised me to do something drastic or risk developing diabetes. Immediately I reconnected with Sensei Kwong. It's now a year later and I've dropped 50 pounds and earned the Superkid of The Month award for April 2009. Earning the award is quite remarkable considering I've avoided participating in athletics my entire life. I've seen numerous martial arts facilities come and go over the years. There's a reason why Superkids has outlasted them and endured since 1989.  It's because of Sensei Kwong's dedication to his craft, profession and desire to see everyone succeed beyond their expectation. I would advise you not to hesitate for a second to send your child to him to learn the fundamentals of karate and self-defense
Geoff Roberts

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