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Monthly Updates

July 21, 2020




We are happy to say that with the recent announcement of York Region moving into stage 3, we will be opening our doors for training on Tuesday, August 4!  Stringent protocols will be implemented to ensure the safety of all students and their families.   I must say, I have taken full advantage of this opportunity to spend quality time with my family.  Fun fact – it is the first time in 31 years that I was able to have dinner with my family on a daily basis from Monday – Thursdays.  Now it’s time to get back to work and be with my Superkids Karate family!   I miss everyone!


The following protocols will be implemented until further notice: 

–       Everyone entering Superkids Karate must wear a mask (family and students). Students participating in classes will be required to wear a mask for the entire lesson.  Fabric masks are preferred, since paper masks are easily torn.  All masks need to be labelled.


–      Training sessions will not include person to person contact. Currently sparring, wrestling, and street defence techniques involving grabbing and holding of a partner will not be offered.  Please do not bring your sparring equipment.


–       The change rooms and equipment room will not be available for use.  Please be changed before entering the dojo.


–   Sensei’s office and the lobby waiting area will not be available for personal use.


–    Temperature checks will be administered to all students participating in classes before entering the workout area.


–    All students will either sanitize or wash their hands before the beginning of class and when the class is over.  Hand sanitizer will be provided in the dojo.


–    If any student is feeling slightly ill, please be courteous and wait until you have recovered from all your symptoms before training again. 


–       Parents with Children Under 8 Years Old – You may escort your child in and out of the dojo.  Please refrain from staying and watching the classes, as my lobby and office area will not be available.       


–   Parents with Children 8+ Years Old – Students will be instructed to enter the dojo by waiting outside against the glass (the left side of the entrance), with your uniform and mask on.  At the end of class, your student will exit the dojo with Sensei’s supervision.  Please be ready to pick up your child on time at the end of class.


I apologize for any inconvenience these protocols may cause, but we want to keep our Superkids Karate family as safe as possible until this pandemic is over.



Sensei Kwong