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Monthly Updates

June 8th, 2022

Wearing a mask is not mandatory in the dojo or waiting area. Do whatever you feel is comfortable for yourself.

BTW, about 90% of students are still training with masks on.

Parents are allowed to view their kids in the dojo and to sit in the waiting area.

Please wait outside when their class is done. The students will put on their own footwear and clothing and come outside to meet you for pick up.

The summer schedule does not change.

If you are having a difficult time getting your child out to the classes, because of scheduling conflicts, send me an email or call and I’ll see if we can figure something out.

Upcoming holiday closures:

Monday, June 27 – Saturday, July 9 – Sensei will be away on holiday.

Thursday, July 28th – Monday, August 1st – Superkids will be closed for an extended Civic holiday.

Enjoy your summer holidays and be well!