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Monthly Updates


Saturday, October 10 – Monday, October 12

I hope all your kids are adjusting well back to school whether it is online or back into the classroom.  Every week I’m seeing old students return back to their martial arts training.  Really nice to see many of you back.

We have adjusted our protocol for students entering and exiting.

Classes will end about 5 minutes early and all kids should be out within 1-2 minutes.  Please be ready to pick up your child.  If you are going to be late, call ahead and I will have your child wait in my office.  Please try not to be late.

Once all students clear out of the building, the door will be left open for the next class to enter.

20 minutes after the class start time, the doors will be locked.  If you are later than that, just knock on the window or door and you’ll be let in.

If you drop off your child early please know that they will be waiting outside without supervision.  It is preferred that they stay in your car until you see the doors open and the other kids go in, especially the kids under 9 years old.  It really scares me when I see kids wandering around the building and in between cars because they are bored outside.  This in my opinion is more dangerous than Covid-19.  The older kids may wait outside along the glass window.  Please make sure your masks are on even though you are outside.  No clowning around when waiting for the next class to start.

Remind your child that their behavior is a direct reflection of their upbringing and training.  Don’t embarrass your family or the dojo. 

Class sizes.  Pre-Covid-19 there were anywhere between 30-40 students in many of the classes.

Our current class size limit for the 8-12 years old and teens/adult classes will be 18 students.

For the 5-7 years old will be 14 students.

At this point, there is no reason to adjust your schedules, because we are not hitting these limits.

I have many students training 3-5 classes a week and some doing double classes each day.  I admire and encourage their enthusiasm, energy, and love for the martial arts.  I was that kid when growing up, actually, I think I still am. 🙂

If we hit our limit in one of the classes, let’s say a Wednesday, I will just ask one or more of those kids not to come out on Wednesdays and drop their schedule to 2-4 classes a week.  If for a prolonged period the class is not hitting the limit, they may return back for the extra training.

Lastly, if any students or parents are not feeling well, or have traveled outside of Canada within the last 14 days please do not come into the dojo.

Full and honest transparency from everyone is more necessary than ever.

I thank you for your confidence and trust with your children.  If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Take care and be well,