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Monthly Updates

May 26, 2021

Hello Everyone, 

Superkids will reopen on Monday, June 14th.  


Training will be in the south-facing parking lot area.

When you drive in from the main entrance at Woodbine Ave to McIntosh Drive the training area will be on the left side

You are encouraged to park in the main parking lot when you pull in.

The area blocked off will be about 2-3 times the size of the dojo.

When doing drills with proper distancing, face coverings will not be required. ( Warm-ups, stretching, Katas.)

Training that will require working with partners will require face coverings. (pad kicking, light sparring, and self-defense drills with partners)

Be ready to train in full uniform and a good pair of rubber bottom shoes that will not fly off while doing kicks.  No flip-flops, slides, or Crocs.

Please make sure everyone has their water bottles, it could get hot out there. No disposable plastic bottles preferred. If you need to refill water, access to the washrooms and change rooms, of the dojo will be available. 

Parents are allowed and encouraged to watch, there is plenty of space out there on the grass to pull up a lawn chair.