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Childrens Program - Kids Karate Markham

Childrens Program: Age 4 - 12
Involve your child in a program that is designed to be fun and constantly stimulating.  Your child will never complain about being bored!  We place strong emphasis on developing the necessary fundamental skills for children of all different ages. Help to build the foundation of agility, balance, and coordination in your younger children when they the learn the basics of karate in the form of fun drills and games.

Children’s classes are divided into two age groups:on average 4-7 & 8–12.
Within these age groups they are again separated into beginner, intermediate + advanced level.  Ensuring that new students aren’t intimidated, and experienced students will be challenged.

All students participating in the class are at a very similar age, size, skill and learning capability.  So no one will get bored or lost in the instruction.

  Teens and Adult Program: Age 13+
Join in on one of Superkids Karate’s best kept secrets! 

The teen and adult program is geared more towards Mixed Martial Arts, with a strong emphasis on traditional boxing, and kick-boxing. Sensei Yong has been training with Sensei Wally Slocki since the early 1980’s. Receive top-notch training and skills handed down by the “Father of Canadian Kick-Boxing”.  Skip the attitude, intimidation, and testosterone of a boxing or a MMA Gym, and come out to gain great technique, knowledge, and skills.  You’d be surprised at how many teens and adults, men and women alike, train at SUPERKIDS!

Providing kids karate lessons in the Markham, ON area.
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