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Sensei Kwong Yong, a Fourth Dan Black belt, has personally instructed each and every class over the past 25 years.  Delivering over 39 years of Martial Arts experience, and 29 years of teaching experience. Unlike many other Martial Arts schools, there are no assistant instructors, junior assistants or helpers at Superkids Karate.  

As a child in the 70’s he started with Kung-fu training, and then later began his training in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Escrima, Jujitsu, and Kick-Boxing.  Sensei Yong has had many instructors in the past, but his main teaching influence comes from a Canadian Martial Arts legend, Sensei Wally Slocki. With a building relationship that’s lasted over 30 years.  He was presented with his Fourth Dan Black belt from Sensei Slocki in 1997.

Sensei Kwong Yong trained and competed extensively in the mid to late 80’s.  In the summer of 1989, before “retiring” at the ripe old age of 21, he competed in his last tournament at the KUBOTA CUP.  He placed 2nd in the middleweight kumite black belt division, losing by disqualification for excessive contact. Of course Sensei Yong’s comment was “ I really didn’t hit him that hard… he actually ran into my fist”!

Then he was on to bigger and better things. One week after his final tournament he took over the Unionville location for Superkids Karate with 35 students in tow. Within a year the student body grew to over 200 students at his Unionville location.  Five years later, by 1994 he had 365 students training with him regularly.

In 1996 Sensei Kwong Yong got the “itch” to compete again.  He qualified for the Canadian Karate team, and competed in the World Karate Championships in Hamilton, Ontario.  In 1998 he once again competed for Team Canada at the World Karate Championships in Orlando, Florida.  Two months after that Orlando tournament, he got married and that was the end of his competition days.

Presently Sensei Yong is still married, with two kids, a girl and a boy.  Every once in a while he occasionally trains with Sensei Slocki, and now spends more time snowboarding, biking, fishing and skateboarding with his kids.  He also contemplated a third comeback, in early 2010, but was disappointed when Karate Ontario made the cut off for Kumite (sparring) at 39 years old.  So for now he’s just continuing to focus on teaching his students, raising his family and enjoying life!

Sensei Kwong Yong - Karate Markham
Sensei Kwong Yong

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