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Martial Arts for Kids

Trial Program, Call 905-470-7740 for details


Most awesome kids programs being taught for over 20 years in the same Markham location!

Sensei Yong personally instructs each and every student!

NO junior instructors or assistants, ensuring consistency, and quality of instruction.  We have many Black belts in the school, but you train with them side by side.

We’re one of the cleanest and safest Martial Arts facilities around!

Gone are the days of dirty, smelly workout gyms. All training is done in a brightly lit gym on a custom designed 2 inch high density foam safety floor, which all adds up to top notch work out conditions.

We allow your child to move at their own pace with flexible programming!

With parent’s schedules being so busy, your child can join our classes once a week or up to four classes a week.  You can even switch classes any given week to accommodate other activities.
Call Sensei Kwong Yong now to see what’s in store for your child!