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Super Kids Karate FAQ’s

How many instructors teach the classes?
Sensei Yong personally instructs each and every student!
NO junior instructors or assistants, ensuring consistency, and quality of instruction. We have many Black belts in the school, but you train with them side by side.
How often is my child expected to come out to classes?
We allow your child to move at their own pace with flexible programming!
With family schedules being so busy, your child can join our classes once a week or up to four classes a week. You choose! You can even switch classes any given week to accommodate other activities.
How do we get started?
A trial program is done with each new student before joining into the regular classes! This trial consists of two private 25-30 min sessions. The new students will learn basic martial arts rules, techniques and drills. Sensei at this time is preparing them to integrate into the regular group classes, at the same time evaluating which group they may better fit into.
Will the Karate make my child more aggressive?
Martial arts training will not encourage violence or aggression in your child. This is rarely ever the case. Children that have trained have the inner strength and courage to walk away from explosive situations, and develop a higher tolerance to frustration. We will enable your child to move beyond the need to prove themselves through physical aggression. Build your child’s inner strength and confidence!
Is it safe for my child?
We’re one of the cleanest and safest Martial Arts facilities around!
Gone are the days of dirty, smelly workout gyms. All training is done in a brightly lit gym on a custom designed 2 inch high density foam safety floor, which adds up to top notch work out conditions.
Do the students go to competition?
Students train in a Non-Competitive Environment!
Students move at their own pace and set their own personal goals. There is no pressure to compete or advance at a particular rate. For students that enjoy a little competition, we run 2 tournaments a year with affiliated schools. These tournaments are fun, friendly, and offer a positive introduction to Martial Arts competitions.

My child is really shy, would this help to bring them out of their shell?
A main function of our karate classes is to promote social skills and interaction with other children and adults alike. Increased interaction with other students will give them the confidence to break out of their shyness. In addition, there will be many other life lessons for your child to take away. During classes your child will learn the value of respect for one another, the importance of exchanging encouraging words, and working with different partners. Simple life skills are honed by learning to introduce themselves. Playing group games, lining up for drills, and following instructions are where your child will pick up social development skills, all while having a ton of fun!
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