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Your child will learn

To show respect for others with a bow.
To exchange encouraging comments.
To work with partners.
Simple life skills, such as learning to introduce themselves.

In simple and subtle ways such as playing group games, lining up for drills, or even just following instructions; your child will be picking up social development skills, all while having a ton of fun!

Learning Skills

As odd as this sounds, even learning is a skill and requires development.  The process of learning involves the combination of mental, physical, and emotional capabilities.  This also includes listening skills, following directions, being receptive of positive instruction and encouragement, and becoming aware of one’s body and how it moves.

We understand that age specific learning skills and styles are very important to the development of your child.

Discover inner strength

As a parent a common worry is that martial arts training will encourage violence or aggression in your child. This is rarely ever the case. Children that have trained have the inner strength and courage to walk away from explosive situations, and develop a higher tolerance to frustration.

Enable your child to move beyond the need to prove themselves through physical aggression. Build your child’s inner strength and confidence!

Motor skills development

It’s not all just fun and games! All activities during our classes have a definite purpose. While students are having fun with games and relays, they are unknowingly developing motor skills appropriate for their age.

We help to develop their coordination skills, right and left side development, flexibility, muscle strength, timing, speed drills, mobility skills, etc. Karate training is one of the best sports for overall motor development having benefits that will transfer to other sports.

Self Defence

Self discipline is developed in Martial Arts through practice, repetition, and memorization of simple drills and patterns. At a young age, practice at home should always be light and fun, not a chore or critical.  Over time you will see the positive effect of self discipline with the child’s ability to control emotions and behavior in school and at the dojo.

Social Development

A main function of our karate classes is to promote social skills with other children and adults alike.

Self Confidence

Every student in karate has specific goals to attain. By attaining these goals, students build confidence and establish higher goals.  This will reflect in all aspects of your child’s life, not just in karate training.

Non-Competitive Environment

Students move at their own pace and set their own personal goals.  There is no pressure to compete or advance at a particular rate.  For students that enjoy a little competition, we run 2 – 3 tournaments a year with affiliated schools.  These tournaments are fun, friendly, and offer a positive introduction to Martial Arts competitions.

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