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Superkids Karate recognizes that the early tween age group is a key stage in your
child’s life.  Our inclusive environment will help to develop his/her personality and
confidence.  We place strong emphasis on developing the necessary fundamental skills in Karate, while also introducing street defence scenarios that older kids may encounter. The strong foundation we build will help your child with agility, balance, and coordination as they grow and develop.  This age group is where students are introduced to a mixture of Martial Arts styles. They will learn these styles by recognizing when self-defence is needed and how to apply the techniques when faced with different scenarios.

This age group is separated into beginner and intermediate + advanced levels.  New
students are not intimidated, and experienced students are challenged.  Students within each class are of similar age, size, skill and learning capabilities.  No one will feel out of place or confused by the pace of the class.  Join our family now!

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